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Corporate Profile

What We Do

A.J. Rose is a global supplier of stamped metal components and assemblies that require high precision and no tolerance for error. We are a full-service supplier, offering product design, development, prototyping, and manufacturing since 1922. We design and build our tooling in-house and perform many value-add operations to meet all customer requirements. We emphasize innovation and service to continue setting an example within our industry.

Who We Serve

A.J. Rose primarily serves the automotive industry – we are a direct supplier to nearly all major OEMs and many tier 1s and tier 2s. We also manufacture components that are used in other markets, such as Agriculture, Industrial, Construction, HVAC, and Lawn & Garden. We are happy to work with any industry in need of our services .

Where We Operate

Avon, OH

240,000 square feet
235 employees

Avon, OH

Home to our World Headquarters, virtually all corporate activities take place in our Avon facility. This includes engineering, purchasing, sales and marketing.

Cleveland, OH

110,000 sq. ft.
95 employees

Cleveland, OH

Our Cleveland plant is the original location, founded in 1922 on the west side of Cleveland. Today it serves primarily as another manufacturing location.

Nashik, India

49,000 sq. ft.
78 employees

Nashik, India

The Nashik facility supports our global business and overseas presence. India provides a strategic advantage in global sourcing and international logistics.

Our Values

Quality and service are two values that shine through every function within our Company. Carrying out these values starts with our team members, so we employ high-quality people who take their roles seriously. This leads to high-quality work and high-quality products. A.J Rose is proud to offer top-notch service that keeps our customers running strong and their industries moving forward.

Always Focused on What’s Next

A.J Rose has never undervalued the importance of innovation – we are constantly asking what’s next? We regularly analyze where we’re at and where we’re going. A.J Rose frequently invests in new equipment and new software to remain on the leading edge and serve our customers’ needs. Not only do we understand the market trends within our industry – we pay close attention to the industries we serve.

Are you interested in our global design, tooling and production capabilities?