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Metal Stamping & Global Sourcing Project Gallery

At A.J. Rose we don’t just design and manufacture high quality precision stamped products, we also provide innovative solutions to some of the most challenging design, process, and production issues. We can develop sourcing options that will drive down costs while maintaining the high quality that your industry demands. Explore our examples of how A.J. Rose Manufacturing has helped customer across a broad range of industries.


Expanding Global Capacity in Partnership with Our Customer

One of our best customers, for whom we produce more than 50 different components needed to find good suppliers to support its customer expansion plant overseas. As part of the expansion into overseas markets, they were being challenged by the product costs and quality of work from local manufacturers. A.J. Rose's developed a joint venture... View Article

Solar Component Manufacturing Process update improves Scrap Fallout

Manufacturing Process Improvement Reduces Scrap Fallout for a Solar Component to under 2%. A.J. Rose knows that virtually every prospective and existing customer regularly faces a variety of quality, safety, production and cost challenges. As a result, we've honed our ability to ask the right questions, listen strategically and develop practical, effective solutions that offer... View Article
Engineering & Metal Stamping of a Mounting Bracket for the Safety Restraint Industry

Engineering & Metal Stamping of a Mounting Bracket for the Safety Restraint Industry

Application Overview: Our client was using a cast aluminum mounting bracket to hold a canister filled with inert pressurized gas. The existing bracket was expensive and heavy because it had to support the canister when it was actively filling a large safety bag in less than 1/100th of a second. Solution: A.J. Rose's engineers assessed... View Article

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