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Precision Metal Stamping

Precision Metal Stamping

Precision metal stamping allows highly precise parts to be made quickly and cost-effectively. When there is a need for accuracy, repeatability and efficiency – metal stamping is the solution. A.J. Rose stamps precision parts for many industries but we excel within the automotive industry thanks to our quality standards and technical abilities. Not only does A.J. Rose produce highly precise parts, we are known for tackling the jobs others can’t do or refuse to do.

A.J. Rose designs, builds and maintains our own stamping tools based on customer needs. Our stamping equipment includes 58 presses rated up to 1375 tons, offering transfer and progressive capabilities. We utilize Servo Presses as well, used to produce difficult geometries more efficiently than traditional mechanical presses. This is the latest in stamping technology.

Precision metal stamping has been the core service of A.J. Rose since 1922 because we never settle for “Close Enough”


The capabilities listed below are what set A.J. Rose apart. Nearly 100 years of experience and development allow us to stamp features that others would machine in a secondary operation. Fewer operations result in lower costs and less scrap.

Why A.J. Rose?

When partnering with A.J. Rose, you are gaining a century of precision metal stamping experience and expertise. We are a full-service supplier, meaning we support your project every step of the way. This includes product concept, product design, prototyping, testing, production tool design and build, gage design and build, and production tool maintenance for the life of the program. We have been doing business since 1922 because we remain focused on quality and innovation to give our customers a competitive

Fine-blank edge condition

Deep Draw



Rib Forming

Gusset Forming




Pinch Trimming

In-die Tapping

In-die Sensing



Stagger-feed coil system

3-axis servo transfer systems

Compound Dies

Rapid Prototyping


Small variations in material composition or tolerance can cause large variations in a finished product. High quality material is absolutely necessary when stamping a precision product. A.J. Rose purchases raw material from a single certified source, resulting in consistency and reliability. We are experienced with the forming properties of these materials.

  • Hot Rolled Steel
  • Cold Rolled Steel
  • HSLA 
  • Aluminum
  • Stainless Steel
  • Inconel
  • Kovar
  • ZAM

Our Facilities

As a global leader in our industry, our facilities are designed and built with the infrastructure to manufacture world-class products. Spend five minutes inside an A.J. Rose facility and you will understand how our facility supports our high-quality production. Among many highlights, we utilize quick-die-change tracks, underground scrap conveyors, overhead cranes, and a climate controlled facility.


A component formed through a stamping process is often lighter in weight and more cost-effective compared to the same component made from a casting, machining or powdered metal process. Cost and weight savings become greater as the size of the part and the volume produced increases.

A.J. Rose often uses our stamping and engineering knowledge to convert powdered metal, cast or machined parts into a precision metal stamping. Our re-engineered conversions are one of the most valuable services we can offer to any customer.

Quick Specs

  • Presses: Transfer & Progressive
  • Tonnage: Up to 1375 Tons
  • Press Speed: 10 – 120 SPM
  • Material Thickness: .020 to .375 in. (.5 to 9 mm)
  • Bed Length: Up to 191 in. (4,851 mm)
  • Production Volume: Med. to High