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Tool Design & Build

A high-quality product is made from a high-quality tool, so we build ours from the ground up.


Precision, repeatability and cost-effectiveness are the key focuses of everything we build. A.J. Rose combines new technology and decades of experience to design and build every detail of tooling in-house, regardless of the type or size. Apart from stamping dies, we design and build our gauges, test fixtures, machinery, transfer equipment, spare details, and more.

Tool & Die Services

Stamping tools cut and form sheet metal into the desired shape or size, but not all stamping tools are built the same. When highly precise parts are the goal, you need a well-crafted tool that is equally precise. High-quality tool construction requires development and experience to maximize accuracy and repeatability. A.J. Rose has designed and built our own tooling in-house since 1922. Nearly 100 years of tool builds allow us to stamp features and dimensions that many of our competitors would mill or machine. We’ve also developed stamping processes that provide a fine-blanked edge condition at a fraction of the cost.

A.J Rose specializes in both progressive and transfer tooling. We build one-out dies and two-out dies, as well as compound dies and blanking dies. We determine the most effective process for each project and build tools that will produce the best result.

Progressive Stamping

Progressive Stamping is characterized by a strip of metal moving through a die by an automated feeding system. The component takes shape as the strip progresses through each station, until it is separated from the master strip in the final operation.

Transfer Stamping

Transfer Photo

Transfer stamping primarily differs from progressive stamping by the component being separated from the master coil in the first operation, rather than the last. This forms a ‘blank’ that advances through the die using a transfer mechanism.

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A.J Rose’s tool-design process has remained the same since 1922 – we adhere to best-practice standards while focusing on precision, repeatability and cost-effectiveness.

We take advantage of leading technology when designing our tools. Implementing forming software early in our design, we are more predictive and efficient. Understanding exactly how the material is going to react before running any trials reduces scrap, improves lead time, and ensures precision. Below is a list of engineering software utilized at A.J. Rose on a regular basis. There is no doubt these technologies accelerate innovation, however our experience and engineers are irreplaceable. We often refer back to previous projects to understand how to get the best results from current projects.

Siemens NX                Ansys                PAM-STAMP                FTI                AutoCAD                CATIA


We build high-precision, sophisticated tools that many others aren’t capable of doing. Utilizing specialized tool steels, advanced coatings and our equipment listed below, we achieve the results our customers expect. In-Die Sensing plays a large role in our tool design and build process. We integrate sensing systems directly into our tools to monitor different characteristics throughout the stamping process. The result is higher quality and less die-damage due to mis-hits.

Wire EDM

5-Axis Machining 






Heat Treat



A.J. Rose certifies our tooling for the life of the program. We will never request additional funding from our customers to cover repairs or maintenance. As a natural part of the stamping process, tools wear down and break over time no matter how well they’re built. We manufacture our own spare components and we take responsibility to be prepared for these situations so our customers don’t have to be.

A.J Rose utilizes a separate tool room dedicated to preventative maintenance. Between each press-run, we take time to replace or sharpen any worn details, calibrate spring pressure and perform a full general inspection. We maintain logs on all actions performed and return the tools to the press room good as new.

The demand for Tool & Die Makers is rapidly increasing. If you are interested in a rewarding career with A.J. Rose Manufacturing, look into joining our State-Certified Apprentice Program as a Tool & Die Apprentice.

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