Jack Rose, of AJ Rose Manufacturing, leads area math teachers on a tour of the facility in Avon .

Math instructors tour AJ Rose Manufacturing, the maker of precision formed metal products and assemblies

Math instructors from across Lorain County put skills into action Monday, touring two Avon-based manufacturing companies to look at the real-world application of mathematics. The tour, led by the Educational Service Center of Lorain County, saw them visiting LogiSync LLC, a hardware/software integration partner for OEM industrial and commercial products, and AJ Rose Manufacturing, the maker of precision formed metal products and assemblies. Touring AJ Rose, math educators got a firsthand look at operations and the pinpoint calculations required to meet the needs of its customers. Teachers learned how to properly calculate tonnage for stamping operations. “This is a great opportunity for teachers to see how math is used every single day at advanced manufacturing facilities,” said Mallary Mancino, math specialist at ESC of Lorain County. “They can then take those lessons back to the classroom and show students real-world examples of mathematics in action.” Dave Zunis of Absolute Tool Inc., led teachers in an activity on Cartesian coordinates, simulating the properties of an EDM metal machine in action. Math education was the key. “We’re excited about this event and we’re thrilled to partner with AJ Rose and LogiSync,” said Dave Miller, director of technology, innovation and workforce development for the Educational Service Center of Lorain County. “They’re two leading manufacturers in this region and their operations tie in nicely with opportunities to advance mathematics education for our teachers and students.”