Solar Component Manufacturing Process update improves Scrap Fallout

Solar Component Manufacturing Process update improves Scrap Fallout

Solar Component Manufacturing Process update improves Scrap Fallout

Manufacturing Process Improvement Reduces Scrap Fallout for a Solar Component to under 2%.

A.J. Rose knows that virtually every prospective and existing customer regularly faces a variety of quality, safety, production and cost challenges. As a result, we’ve honed our ability to ask the right questions, listen strategically and develop practical, effective solutions that offer multiple wins.

A Georgia-based client turned to us because their current stamping vendor was providing a fallout rate of over 25% on one of their deep drawn stamping products. We evaluated the stamping and determined that if the component were to include both new and modified features, the part could be manufactured using an entirely different process. We leveraged our in-depth knowledge of deep-draw forming as well as our understanding of raw materials to come up with a viable solution.

Once the client gave us the go-ahead, we designed and built new tooling and developed a new machine to accommodate the new process. As a result, the solar energy customer reaps the cost-savings associated with our ability to reduce the scrap fallout to under 2%.

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Ability to reduce the scrap fallout to under 2%.

Manufacturing Process Improvement Project Highlights

Product Name Manufacturing Process Improvement of a Solar Component
Product Description This component is used within solar energy generation.
Capabilities Applied/Processes Manufacturing Process Improvement

·       Existing process had high scrap fallout

·       Evaluated the current process

·       Applied our extensive knowledge of deep draw forming

Tooling Design and Manufacturing

·       Generation of CAD part prints

·       Designed and created a new machine and the tooling

Prototype Manufacturing

Production Manufacturing

Tightest Tolerances +- .003″
Material of Component Stainless Steel
Benefits New manufacturing process yielded less than 2% scrap
New process also produced a less expensive component
Industry for Use Solar
Standards Met Customer supplied specifications

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