Product Localization for Transplanted OEM’s

Product Localization for Transplanted OEM’s


OEMs that have set up shop in the U.S. can no longer afford to import parts from Germany, Japan, China, India, France and other countries due to currency fluctuations, tariffs and the costs associated with shipping and fuel. As a result, they are looking for U.S. suppliers to supply comparable parts and components locally to better manage costs.

Since the U.S. is now considered a “low-cost” country due to efficiency, productivity and other gains, many of these OEMs have turned to A.J. Rose, which has a global presence and experience with many of the international OEMs that have gone local.

A.J. Rose has the expertise and technology required to form metal products to our localized international clients’ exacting standards and quality specifications such as TS and ISO. Because we’re based in the U.S. with a global presence, we understand their needs while delivering cost efficiencies.

Our Product Localizations details including our quality metal forming and product localization capabilities are provided below.  Contact us if you have additional questions about our capabilities.


Product Localization Project Highlights

Product Name Formed Steel Products
Product Description These products are various as they have all undergone the localization process from Germany, Japan, China, India, and France.
Capabilities Applied/Processes Localization
Material of Component HR 1008 1010 Steel
HSLA Steel
Stainless Steel
Material Finish Various
Benefits Shorter freight costs, better economic pricing, lower cost to produce.
Industry for Use All
Location North America
Standards Met TS



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